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We teach kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

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Why Kalpitiya to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka?

What is it that turns us into the best kite school in Sri Lanka?

* We love this sport and our passion is to teach kitesurfing. We are committed to ‘your’ progress, that is why we do not teach in big groups. We also do not waste time with lots of theory lessons. We go immediately to the water when you feel safe, confident and ready. We will always be by your side in the water and watch your every move to assure your safety. Your instructor will practice with you as many times as you need, before you go riding by yourself.

We are a certified IKO school and your safety is our priority, that is why we always have a boat ready to get you out of the water at any time. Our boat is always ready, and we have staff at the beach who are watching you at the Lagoon, to support you at all times.

What are the best Kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka?

Would you like to find out what the best kitesurf spots in Sri Lanka are? Come to Margarita Village Kitesurfing School in Kalpitiya and you will be able to kite in some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world​. Learn more about the best kite spots in Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya lagoon Kitesurfing spot

Vella Island Kalpitiya

Vella Island is by far the best spot for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka.  It’s location is at Portugal Bay, just 45 minutes by boat, North of Kalpitiya. It is a tiny island inhabited only by fishermen. This island is still very natural and authentic and the steady wind of this area, plus the flat and shallow water, makes it a unique location for kitesurfing. Margarita Village provides accommodation on Vella Island, allowing you to spend two or three days enjoying the best kitesurfing we hope you will ever experience!


What to do in Kalpitiya apart from kitesurfing?

What to do in Kalpitiya apart from kitesurfing?


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