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Welcome to the most authentic kite camp in Sri Lanka!

Hello! I am Ruben, a Spanish certified kitesurfing instructor of Margarita Village kite school Kalpitiya and passionate about kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. We are an IKO affiliated Kitesurfing School in Sri Lanka and because we love kitesurfing, we teach kite with passion and enthusiasm.  Thanks to many students who visited us in past years, we are very happy to be a reference Kite School in Sri Lanka. Our personalised teaching and friendly attributes allow us to keep our kitesurfing camp small, to avoid the big resort´s philosophy way of teaching. We welcome you to learn  kitesurfing with us, you will definitely feel the difference.   Are you already a kite surfer? Come and join us to improve your tricks and discover all the beautiful kitesurfing spots around Sri Lanka! Many clients have told us, “We

came as students and we left as friends”

Kalpitiya kite spot: the best flatwater kitesurfing destination that you will never forget!

Kalpitiya is located on the northwest coast of Sri Lanka and due to its strategic location, the wind rises almost the whole year , picking up to 18-30 knots in high season.  Therefore, Kalpitiya is the Meca of Kitesurf in Asia! The most friendly spot to learn kite in Kalpitiya is Kalpitiya lagoon, athough there are other kite spots in Kalpitiya with the perfect conditions to learn kite like the Dream spot, Vella Island, Ippantivu

Your kitesurfing holidays in Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is not only an mazing kitesurf destination but an authentic village with its own soul and magic vibes. Traditionally a fishing village, nowadays kalpitiya coastline is considered one the most unespoiled in Sri LAnka. There are many activities you can do while kitesurfing in Kalpitiya. Find out all things you can do in Kalpitiya!

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We provide the best kitesurfing instruction in Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka .


Join now our team! Here you will find the best kitesurfing conditions to learn kite in Sri Lanka

With an average of 9 months of wind per year and many kitesurfing spots to be discovered, Sri Lanka has recently become a famous kitesurfing destination worldwide. Actually, Sri Lanka is recognized as a top kitesurfing destination with some of the best flat water kite spots in the globe. When it comes about wind statistics, Sri Lanka is the windiest kite destination in Asia! Why is that? Well, we have 2 kitesurfing seasons  that allow us to kitesurf almost all the year round! In Sri Lanka you can kite from December to March and from May to October! With these top conditions you will learn safely and you will progress super fast. Welcome to kite in Sri Lanka, welcome to our kitesurfing family

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When we look around, sometimes we wonder why we are considered the best kite camp in Sri Lanka… we believe, that´s simply because we are normal people transmiting our knowledge and good vibes to normal people with effort and passion”


What is it that turns us into the best kite school in Sri Lanka?

* We love this sport and our passion is to teach kitesurfing. We are committed to ‘your’ progress, that is why we do not teach in big groups. We also do not waste time with lots of theory lessons. We go immediately to the water when you feel safe, confident and ready. We will always be by your side in the water and watch your every move to assure your safety. Your instructor will practice with you as many times as you need, before you go riding by yourself.

* We are a certified IKO school and your safety is our priority, that is why we always have a boat ready to get you out of the water at any time. Our boat is always ready, and we have staff at the beach who are watching you at the Lagoon, to support you at all times.

Kitesurfing in kalpitiya, a terrific flatwater kite destination

Would you like to find out what the best kitesurf spots in Kalpitiya are? Come to our kite school in Kalpitiya and you will be able to kite in some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world.  The kite spot in Kalpitiya lagoon is one of the top kite spots to learn and to progress kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. 


Margarita Village: Your IKO kitesurfing school in Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka

We welcome you to our kite school in Sri Lanka and to discover all the surrounding islands and lagoons around Kalpitiya, with flat and shallow water, together with a constant wind, making it the perfect place to enjoy kitesurfing in the world. Margarita Village Kalpitiya Kite School has specialised for over 5 years in offering personalised kitesurfing lessons and kitesurfing courses at Kalpitiya lagoon. The lessons always take place in a very safe environment and with professional, certified IKO instructors. You may have heard already that Sri Lanka is a natural kitesurfing paradise for BEGINNERS and PROFESSIONAL kite surfers, well it is! No matter what kitesurfing level you own, our kite school in Kalpitiya starts at the level you are at and helps you to improve, at your own pace.

If you are still a beginner, Kalpitiya is the best place to learn kitesurfing. Kalpitiya lagoon has always been a very safe place to learn, with its shallow, flat water, it is easy for you to progress here at kitesurfing. The main target of Margarita Village Kalpitiya Kite School is to ensure that you really enjoy your holidays whilst kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and you finally make your first ride with us. After completing the kitesurfing course, you can get the IKO Kiteboarder Card which will enable you to rent and use kitesurfing equipment, at any kite school in the world!

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