Kalpitiya: The Best Place to Spot Dolphins in Sri Lanka!

Kalpitiya is located on the West coast peninsula of Sri Lanka. With its lush, natural beauty and pristine conditions, due to the mass tourism having not arrived yet, Kalpitiya coastline is the best place to spot dolphins. Sightseeing tours leave early in the morning, usually avoiding choppy waters, so it is best to allow a few days within your travel plan to ensure you do not miss such an unforgettable experience.

When is the best season for dolphin watching in Kalpitiya?

In Kalpitiya there are dolphins all the year round, but the best season is from December to April when the ocean is calm, and the boats can find the spots where dolphins are easily. 

What are the best hours to go? 

The best hours to spot dolphins are from 8 a.m. to 12 o’clock midday. After 12 o´clock the wind usually picks up and makes the ocean too choppy for the boats to stay. So, you need to get to the beach early morning to arrange your boat for around 8 a.m

How much does it cost to go on a dolphin sightseeing tour?

The price varies depending on which tour operator you use. Middle range hotels and guest houses charge around 12,000 SL rupees for a 6-man boat. This cost is for the whole boat, not per person. It is also imperative you purchase a ticket from the Wildlife Department that cost around 10 USD Adults and 5 USD Children. Ask your tour operator about this additional cost.

Is it possible to go kitesurfing and dolphin watching at the same time in Kalpitiya?

Yes! This is one of the best moments any kite surfer can experience; kiting with the dolphins! In Kalpitiya there are so many dolphins, so let’s hope whilst you are here you are lucky enough to experience this life-time memory! Watch this video: