Margarita kite camp = an authentic kite experience in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a kite camp in Sri Lanka with an authentic atmosphere and kitesurfing vibes, we invite you come to the Margarita Village. We have nice wooden cabins with a rustic style and a few little animals around that will make your day. Don´t worry about our ducks, they are not dangerus! Margarita Village is a small rustic kite camp in Sri Lanka with kitesurfing vibes! 

Best kite vibes in Margarita kite camp

Margarita Village is a relaxing and creative kitesurfing camp in Sri Lanka, related to nature and the simple beauty of life. “We welcome you to stay in our little paradise”. We created Margarita Village kitesurfing camp from scratch, developing slowly and sustainably, over the last 5 years. We are not a huge kitesurfing resort, but our place is cosy, where guests instantly become friends whilst eating their first dinner together and we will treat you as though you are part of our family.

Our kitesurfing camp is built day by day with heart and soul. You are NOT going to find any luxury around, but you will find a lot of smiles and happy people. In Margarita Village we have a crazy duck family, a very friendly, disabled rescue dog and a visiting donkey that makes us very happy, transferring very good vibes to everyone. We love them so much and we hope you  will too.

Our kite instructors are highly recommended Check our instructors’ profile!, so if you are looking for more luxury accommodation, or more facilities, we can recommend other hotels close by and we will make arrangements to pick you up from your hotel, for your kite lessons, every day!

If you decide to stay with us, we will provide you with quality, clean accommodation, great food and a place which fulfils a traveller’s heart. We are happy to prepare and cook for you fresh vegetables, fish and other delicious meals, together with a refreshing, cold drink to go with your meal.

Whether you come for kitesurfing or simply to discover the beauty of Kalpitiya, at Margarita Village you will have a unique Sri Lankan experience! We are an authentic Sri Lankan kite camp! Since our place is not a huge resort, we are very customer-oriented and we are happy to do everything that makes you happy.

Why our kitesurfing camp?

* We are a relatively small kite camp in the nature with warm and friendly atmosphere (we are not a huge kite resort)

* We provide  quality accommodation with affordable price. You will be very near from our main kitesurfing centre located right at the kite spot in kalpitiya lagoon (Margarita kite centre). 5 min from/to our main kite centre

* Free storage of kite equipment in the kite centre for our clients

* Use of our beach hut facilities at the kite spot: safety boat, hammocks, coffee, water, tea

* IKO certified –  school Margarita Kite school

* Free wifi

* Perfect for couples and solo travellers (we are all kitesurfers )

* Are you able to ride but you don´t feel confident yet? Don´t worry, we will always help you on the beach launching, landing, etc…. Tell to our beach boys to help you in case you need rescue! We will take care of you at any time

* If you come with your own equipment we will be happy to storage it for free in our kite centre, so you don´t have to carry it every day up at down. 

Where Margarita Village kitesurfing camp is located?

Our Sri lankan kite camp is located  in Setthawadiya neighborhood, between Kalpitiya town and the main spot for kitesurfing. We are also just 5 min away from the beach by bike, Kalpitiya lagoon and the main town. From our place, you are very close to many interesting places, such as the fish markets, the Dutch fort and the historical church.