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Best kite lessons in Kalpitiya

We are located in Kalpitiya lagoon. You only need to look for our IKO flag

Kite trips

We do regular kite trips to the Dream spot and Vella Island, a part from other secret spots!
Margarita Village kite school Kalpitiya

Become a pro

Learn transitions, jumps, and new tricks!

Come to Margarita Village Kite School Kalpitiya for your best kitesurfing lessons in Sri Lanka! You will experience the impressive freedom and closeness to nature that kitesurfing provides us, learning every step of the way with our friendly, patient, IKO qualified instructors. All equipment and transport is taken care of, you have nothing to worry about. All we want you to do is to enjoy this amazing experience, kitesurfing in Kalpitiya with our great team!

You will get the best lessons personally adapted to your level and experience. Our certified IKO kite instructors will take their time and repeat every step with you on the most famous Kalpitiya lagoon, which is a safe environment of shallow water, or in the ocean, until you feel 100% confident with your natural progression.

We offer you a cabin at Kalpitiya beach, where you can relax, eat some snacks, lunch or replenish your thirst with a cool drink.

Upon completion of your kitesurfing course, you get your IKO Kitesurfing License, the card allowing you to rent equipment not only in Sri Lanka, but worldwide.

To take your first kite ride with Margarita Kitesurfing School will be a moment in life you will never forget and hopefully give you the hunger to continue kitesurfing to higher levels! Your safety, together with learning at your own ability is our main priority. Our goal is to ensure you experience the best time ever whilst kiting with Margarita Kitesurfing School. Come learn with us and feel part of the Margarita Village kitesurfing team ~ You wont regret it! 🙂

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