Kalpitiya kite lessons FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitesurf courses in Kalpitiya


What is an IKO center?


IKO centers are kitesurfing schools that meet all the teaching and safety requirements established by the International Kitesurfing Organization. By following the IKO rules and guidelines, we make sure that students learn according to high quality and safety standards


What security measures should the school have?


The most important thing is the experience and qualifications of the instructors. In our kite school we use new and latest generation material (OZONE 2020); and a rescue boat that will always be attentive to all the students in the water.


 Is the material important when taking the courses?


It’s very important. We work with Ozone, one of the most prestigious brands on the market. We renew the material every year so that our students have the latest equipment.


After working with different kites, we consider Ozone to be one of the leading brands that offers the following advantages to our students:


* Security: modern, effective and easy to use security systems.

* Stable Kites: Thanks to their modern designs, the kites are stable and very easy for students to use.

* Strong and resistant materials.


We also use BLANKFORCE boards with special measures for students to make the waterstart easier


What happens if due to weather conditions I cannot take my kitesurfing course?


Do not worry, if the weather conditions prevent you from taking the course, we are not going to charge you. You will only pay for the effective class hours.


What do I have to bring to the beach when I take the course?


Swimsuit, sun cream, booties, sunglasses and a smile. We provide you with the rest: kite, board, harness, helmet and good vibes!


How can I pay for the kitesurf course?


The course can be paid by bank transfer, card or cash.


Can everyone kitesurf?

Thanks to the new designs of the kites, security systems and teaching methodologies, this sport is suitable for all audiences who want to learn it.


Depending on age and physical condition, each person has a different learning rhythm, but certainly everyone can try this experience.


What is the best time of the year to take a course?


The best months to learn kitesurfing in Kalpitiya are from May to October and from December to March. We highly recommend checking the wind forecast before coming to learn kite in kalpitiya



What are the differences between private course, semi-private course and group course?


Group lessons are normally for a group of friends or a family who want to learn together (normally 4-6 people at the same time) We don´t teach group lessons in our school


Semi-private kitesurfing course is only for two students with a teacher. This course is ideal to share with a friend, child or partner.


The private kitesurf course is designed for students who want to learn fast and this is undoubtedly the best option. An instructor totally dedicated to you.



Can I take a semi-private lesson if I am alone?



If you come alone and want to do a semi-private lessons, we can try to group you with another student who is in your same situation and at the same level (upon availability) However, private courses are normally more cost effective than group lessons




Who is going to teach me kitesurf?


You will learn kitesurf with a properly certified instructor, with many years of experience, so that you learn in the fastest, safest and most fun way.

 Does the school have an assistance boat?


Yes. All the official kitesurfing schools in Kalpitiya have a rescue boat service to assist our students at all times: loss of board, difficulty returning to the shore, any damage caused to the equipment …



Can children learn kitesurf?


Thanks to the new methodologies and security measures, we have been able to initiate the little ones in this wonderful sport, in a safe and fun way.


Every year we have more children who come to learn kitesurfing with us!


Many parents want to learn this sport with their children as it is an amazing activity to do in family. There are other parents who are already kiting and looking forward to their children learning and sharing this experience with them.




Is it a dangerous sport?


Over the years and the evolution of the material, the design of the kites, the safety systems and the new teaching methodologies have made kitesurfing an extremely safe sport.


At what age can you practice kitesurfing?


Thanks to the new designs of the kites, safety systems and teaching methodologies, you can start from approximately 7 years old.



How long does it take to learn kitesurf?


In Kalpitiya we are lucky to have the perfect conditions for learning this sport. We recommend completing all the learning phases: beginner, intermediate and advanced, in order to become an independent kiter and respectful of the rules of navigation and not to endanger or endanger others.


The initiation course usually lasts 3 days and you will learn the safety rules, how to handle the kite, first in the sand and then in the water. Finally, you will try to put the board on your feet and let’s navigate!


The main objective is that you become an independent kiter and respectful of safety regulations.


Can I rent equipment once I finish the course?


Yes, if you achieve the IKO level 3K – Riding upwind.



It is my first time in KAlpitiya and I already did a course in another school. Do I have to do the course from the beginning?


No. If you have already taken a course before, we return to where you left off.


What is a Kitesurf course for?


Kitesurf courses are designed for you to learn safely and fun. We do not recommend that you try to learn this sport alone or with untitled friends, as you expose yourself to unnecessary risk.



Is all the kitesurfing equipment included in your course?


Yes, All the necessary material for the courses is included in the price.



What do I do if I want more when I finish my kitesurfing course?


You can continue with the next level course or take individual classes. In the event you achieve an independent level and you are able to ride upwind (IKO Level 3K), you will be able to rent equipment