Margarita Village Kalpitiya Kite school programme

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Cetified IKO school in Kalpitiya

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Kitesurfing instruction in Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

“If Joselito the donkey can learn, you too”

School Seasons & Kitesurfing Course Programme

School Seasons:

Winter Season: From December to  March

Summer Season: From  May to  October


Course Schedule

From the 1st to 3rd hour:

 Intro to the wind and power

  • Set up the kite

  • Safety systems, explanations and simulations

  • First piloting

  • Exploring the edge of the wind window

  • Flying Kite with one hand

  • Launching and landing

  • Walking with the kite on the beach

From 6th to 9th hour:

  • Water start theory

  • Steady pull with the kite

  • Water start in both directions

  • Riding in both directions

  • Gaining speed on the board

  • Controlled stop

  • Right of way rules

  • Upwind riding

From 3rd to 6th hour:


  • Body dragging in the water 

  • Body dragging downwind

  • Flying kite in power zone

  • Relaunch the kite from the water

  • Upwind body drag (one handed)

  • Board recovery in deep water

  • Self-rescue and pack down