Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka! The ultimate guide to the best kite spots


Sri Lanka is probably the best kitesurfing destination in Asia and one of the best flatwater destinations in the world! Kitesurfing Sri Lanka is Kitesurfing in Paradise! You will find perfect tropical weather, good wind conditions 9 months a year, lots of flat water spots, and lots of COCONUTS!

Here you will find the best kite spots for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and other important information for planning a kite trip to Sri Lanka

The most unique kitesurf spots in Sri Lanka

The ultimate guide to kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the world with the very best kite spots you will ever experience!! Are you a bloody beginner? Then Sri Lanka is your destination! Forget learning to kitesurf in big and difficult waves. Here we have great flat water spots where you will easily learn kitesurfing. Come kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and you will be riding in 3 days! Are you already an experienced rider? Sri Lanka offers you the best conditions to advance and push yourself to the next level! Kitesurfing Sri Lanka = kitesurfing in the flat water paradise

Check the wind!

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Where are the most important kite spots in Sri Lanka?



The island’s northwest coast is where you’ll find the best kitesurfing spots. Why? Well, when you see the location of the island and the channel that separates Sri Lanka and India, you can imagine the Venturi effect that is created in this unique place.

In addition to this venturi effect, the sea breeze makes this part of the island very windy 9 months out of the year, so the wind stats are perfect when it comes to kitesurfing holidays.

Apart from the west coast, we can kite in Sri Lanka all year round thanks to the thermal winds in general. Depending on the season. You just have to choose the right kite spot.

For example in Matara or Weligama in the south, from March to the end of March there are usually afternoon thermal winds (about 12-15 knots) and in summer there are also some days with very strong winds in July and August. Arugam Bay is in the southeast of the island and is an important surfing spot, but sometimes the wind is good and kitesurfing is also possible. The most consistent winds blow in the northwest of the island, starting from Negombo to Jaffna. On this coast, you will find the best kite spots in Sri Lanka.

The best spots to kitesurf in Sri Lanka are located on the west coast

Sri Lanka is a fast-growing kitesurfing destination as it has some of the best kitesurfing spots in Asia. Although more and more people are coming to kitesurfing, mass tourism has not yet arrived, making it a destination of particular beauty and with many kitesurfing spots still to be discovered!

The most important kite spots in Sri Lanka are in Kalpitiya and the surrounding area. There are also many islands north of Kalpitiya with perfect spots for kitesurfing in shallow waters, such as Vella Island and Dream Spot.

For those who love kite surfing in the sea, another place worth mentioning is Donkey Point, a cape located about 10 km south of Kalpitiya town. It is the place often chosen by people who want to navigate between the waves of the Indian Ocean.

Suffice it to say that there are many places to kitesurf in Sri Lanka! Below you will find the best kite spots in Sri Lanka!


Sri Lanka is the number 1 kitesurfing destination in flat water. We invite you to kite with us and to find out some of the most epic kite spots around

The top 5 kite spots in Sri Lanka!

1- Kalpitiya Lagoon:

Kalpitiya Lagoon is the top destination in Sri Lanka to learn kitesurfing. Whether you come to learn kitesurfing or to improve your kitesurfing skills, the shallow waters in Kalpitiya Lagoon is a great spot for kitesurfing. Are you an absolute beginner? In this case, you will fall in love with Kalpitiya Lagoon. This lagoon is a paradise for those who are taking their first steps in kitesurfing. Depending on the tide, there are many places to stop here due to the shallow water! With a good instructor and the right equipment, you can ride in 3 days!

2- Vella Island

Vella Island is a tiny sandbar off Wilpattu National Park. One side of the island is sea waves and the other side is very flat water. In summer the wind comes from the southwest and in winter the wind comes from the northeast, so you can kite in both seasons. Vella island is considered to be the best kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka and worldwide for freestyle. When it’s windy, the freestyle conditions on this island are perfect. If you close your eyes and imagine a kite spot with the best conditions with steady wind, super flat water, and beautiful scenery, then this is Vella island. In the summer, be ready to get your smaller kites. In Kalpitiya it is 20 knots, in Vella the wind is about 25 knots.

Vella Island is about 50 minutes by boat from Kalpitiya and it is possible to do the round trip in a single day. If you are lucky enough to kite in Vella during the full moon, you will never forget it!

Would you like more information about the island of Vella? Check out our guide to kitesurfing on Vella Island!

3- Ippantivu Island:

The island of Ippantivu is also called “mini Vella” because of the very similar conditions as Vella, but is smaller. Located very close to Wilpattu National Park, it is probably one of the few kite spots in Sri Lanka that are completely unspoiled! As it is half way to Vella from Kalpitiya it is worth even for a half day kite trip. Due to the Venturi effect between Dutch Bay and Wilpattu Park, the wind on this island is usually stronger than in Kalpitiya

4 -Mannar

Mannar is the next peninsula north of Kalpitiya and also a perfect destination for kite surfing. There are many islands with super flat water and steady wind.

5- Dream spot: top kitesurf spot!

Dream Spot is considered to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka. It consists of about 1 km of beach and is located in Dutch Bay, which is easily accessible by boat from Kalpitiya. A top kitesurfing destination not to be missed!

Actually, Kalpitiya is the place where you can organize all your kite trips to the best kite surfing spots in Sri Lanka. There are amazing kitesurfing spots around Kalpitiya and Dream Spot is considered one of the top spots ever.

How strong is the wind at Dream Spot? Which kites should I bring?

The wind is strong in summer from 18-25 knots, all day 24 hours. Up to 35 knots some days, especially in May and June. The best kites to bring to Dream Spot in summer are 7-10 meters long.

In winter, the wind is weaker than in summer and later increases around noon and loses strength around 4:30 p.m. Wind expected, 14-18 knots. From December to March it is best to bring larger kites from 12 to 14 meters.

Can I do a downwind from Kalpitiya to Dream Spot?

Depending on the kitesurfing season and the wind direction. In the summer season you can do a downwind from Kalpitiya to Dream Spot and in the winter season you can do a downwind from Dream Spot to Kalpitiya.

In summer you have two different options for downwinds:

The first option is to start in Kalpitiya Lagoon and go to the Seaside Dream Spot. If you do this you will not have a safety boat as the sea is very rough at this time of year and too choppy for a small boat. However, if you are an “experienced” kiter then don’t worry as the wind is always onshore and you will love the excitement of the ride!

The second option is to start downwind from Kalpitiya and go through Puttalam Lagoon. In this case, you should always take a safety boat with you for your own safety.

In winter, you can go from the Dream Spot to the Kalpitiya Lagoon just by the sea through the wind. DO NOT drive through Puttalam Lagoon in winter as there is no wind in many places on this route.

I am a beginner. Can I learn to kitesurf in Dream Spot?

Yes you can. Many kite schools organize kite trips to Dream Spot to teach kite surfing. This is a very safe place to learn, always with experienced kitesurf instructors and with a safety boat.

Dream Spot has become one of the most famous kite spots in Sri Lanka as the conditions for kite surfing are great there!

Don’t miss Dream Spot if you travel to Sri Lanka as it is considered to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka, even worldwide!

kitesurfing in sri lanka

Other kite spots in Sri Lanka that you should discover


In the last 8 years, Sri Lanka has become very famous. The west coast of Sri Lanka is the windiest place in the country especially during the months of June, July, August and September, even in the months of January and February the wind is very good and there are incredible flat water spots to enjoy along the coast. This means that Sri Lanka is the best kitesurfing destination in Asia! There are many places where you can kitesurf in Sri Lanka! Apart from the kitespots mentioned above, we recommend you to discover the next kitespots!

Navy Point is also a flat water kite spot and recently became famous when the Margarita Kite School team started organizing frequent trips to this beautiful spot. Sailing downwind from the island of Vella you will pass small islands which are stunning to behold and thanks to the Venturi effects it is very windy all the time.

From Navy Point you can cruise upwind through Puttalam Lagoon and cruise past Ippantivu Island. Continuing upwind through Puttalam Lagoon you land at Dream Spot.

The above tips will give you one of the best downwind rides ever! Let us take you to experience it for yourself! You will love it and never forget it!

Kappaladi Lagoon is another famous kite spot south of Kalpitiya. Kappaladi Lagoon is a great place for kite beginners and anyone who wants to learn to kite. This lagoon is very shallow so it is very easy to learn to kitesurf here rather than other deep water spots.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is known more for surfing than kite surfing, but kite surfing is also possible. If you are interested in kitesurfing in Arugam Bay, I recommend reading our post Kitesurfing in Arugam Bay.

Weligama, Hikadawa, Tangalle. These beaches, located in South, are perfect for kitesurfing in the wintertime if you are an intermediate-advanced kitesurfer. If you come South to Sri Lanka and you are planning to kite, better if you bring your bigger kites as the wind usually goes from 12 to 16 knots. However, if you are lucky, during some days in the winter season it can also get up to 20 knots!  Also, in the summer time, during some days the wind can be really strong but at this time of the year, the ocean is very rough and not so good for kitesurfing as in the winter season. For sure, you will find the beach empty of surfers at this time of the year.

Sri Lanka, an amazing kitesurfing destination to discover


Kalpitiya is not only the best kitesurf spot in Sri Lanka, it is the kitesurf spot in the world! Every kitesurfer should visit the “Treasure Spot to Go Wild on the Water”.

European kitesurf spots are getting more and more crowded! Kalpitiya offers you the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka where you are free from this kind of kite crowding.

In Kalpitiya you will find great freedom on the water, lots of space, and fresh winds that always have your back! Wide spaces to practice and improve your tricks… A space that will motivate the most ambitious freestylers to go further and increase their enthusiasm to learn more! Kalpitiya overwhelms you with the best kite spots in Sri Lanka.

Every morning you wake up at Margarita Village and Lagoon to explore the next kite spot in Sri Lanka and enjoy the amazing views of every surf spot around Kalpitiya. You will feel the adrenaline building inside you and as we know the excitement of kitesurfing is the best feeling ever! It is not only our blue lagoon that makes Kalpitiya the best kitesurfing destination in Sri Lanka, it is also the many secret spots of the islands that we want to explore and know that give us the freedom of the water.

From our base here in Margarita Village we aim to offer you the full service of showing you the infamous spots that we have come to love for the best kitesurfing experience ever!

Best Season for Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka:

Are you wondering what is the best season for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka? Basically, the best season for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is almost all year round! Nine months indeed! You will not find a longer period of consistent winds anywhere else in the world.

The best season for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is the summer season from May to October, the peak season when a kitesurfer’s dream comes true! Each day you will wake up ready to go and then spend the next 6 hours on the water with the wind blowing in your canopy, your feet planted firmly on your board and you taking control of the bar in the direction of your choice… Enjoy the many spots of excellent kiting around Kalpitiya!

At night enjoy the comfort of your bed at one of our two kite camps: Margarita Lagoon Kite School and Margarita Village and fall asleep to the constant sound of the wind between the coconut trees. Sounds idyllic? It is! The wind is your best friend here, so Kalpitiya is the best kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka, so come and enjoy!

The other best kitesurfing season besides the main season is our winter season from December to March.

In total, you will find nine months of very reliable wind around the best kite spots in Sri Lanka.

So put the best kite season in Sri Lanka on your calendar. Check the flights and be ready to fly in Kalpitiya with your board and kite over the most amazing lagoons and beautiful ocean for a time you will never forget!

We now have five years of kitesurfing experience in Sri Lanka and would like to share our inside knowledge with you and introduce you to the BEST KITESURFING SPOTS in Sri Lanka. So sit back and click on the links below to enjoy kitesurfing with MARGARITA VILLAGE KITE SCHOOL, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka… Enjoy!


What equipment should I bring for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka?


 Depending on what time of year you travel to Sri Lanka, be sure to bring different kite sizes! If you travel to Sri Lanka in the summer season, we recommend bringing around 9-10 meter kites. However, on some days in the summer season the wind can get very strong, around 30 knots. So if you have some space left in your board bag, it’s better to bring a 7-meter kite as well. If you travel in the winter season, the average size you need to use is a 12-meter kite, and if you are very heavy (more than 80 kg), better bring a 14-meter kite!