Ippantivu Island (mini Vella), Another Terrific Kite Spot in Sri Lanka!

Ippantivu Island has only started to become famous very recently, thanks to our secret kite trips to this beautiful, small island. The Margarita Kite School team used to call this island “our secret spot”, however, it is not a secret anymore!  A long time ago we used to kite alone, in this super flat-water kite spot, right by the National Park, but nowadays, if we are able to kite there alone, we will be lucky!

Ruben & Eusebi (we) discovered a super flat-water kitesurfing spot halfway to Vella, with very similar kitesurfing conditions to Vella. We thought, what is the point going all the way up to Vella when we have a similar kitesurfing paradise just 30 mins away from home? Furthermore, we were the first ones who realised the venturi effect between Dutch Bay and Wilpattu National Park, where Ippantivu is located. We cannot say that Ippantivu has better winds than Vella Island but for sure the wind is stronger than in Kalpitiya lagoon.

Ippantivu Island (mini Vella) is where we finish when we organise downwinds from Dream Spot. When it is very windy, we continue our trip from Ippantivu Island to Wilpattu River shore (national bark borders).

The Kitesurfing Gem of Sri Lanka: Ippantivu or Mini Vella

Ippantivu Island! Another small island, where you are able to enjoy free and spacious rides all by yourself. Take a little kite journey with us and enjoy the steady downwind ride from Dream Spot to Ippantivu Island, which is also called mini Vella by kiters because it is just as amazing as Vella, but smaller. The untouched nature alongside this kite journey is spectacular! Is there anything better than getting to know Sri Lanka’s flora and fauna on a kite ride with a steady wind on your back?

Where Is Ippantivu (mini Vella) Located?

Here is a map where you can see Ippantivu’s location – Between Kalpitiya and Vella Island