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Margarita Village team: WHO WILL BE YOUR INSTRUCTOR?

We are a professional and qualified kitesurfing team, comprised of team members who have worked together for a long time. We like to have fun but take our role as your kitesurfing instructors very seriously, so you will learn lots and at the same time, have the time of your life.  Our love is to introduce and teach kitesurfing to people of all ages and at all levels, and we do this from our heart ... It is our passion!


Mario is a very friendly instructor from Uruguay with a lot of kitesurfing experience around the world. He has taught kitesurfing in different spots in Uruguay, Spain, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. His expertise and love is riding waves. His favourite element is the water and lives for watersports. He won‘t only teach you kitesurfing, he will also share with you his great humour and will make you laugh a lot during his kite session.                                



Mirella is originally from Valencia, Spain and she brings all the woman power to our team! She is very passionate about kitesurfing and her way of teaching is amazing and very structured. She is always very attentive and patient with all her students and she owns very good kitesurfing teaching skills. She takes, like all our instructors, as much time as the students need and she will celebrate your success on the board from the land. Once her students stand up on the board for the first time, Mirella is the happiest person in the world! You will not think of her as your instructor, but you will think of her as your supporting friend with very experienced kitesurf skills to share. 



Eusebi is a very experienced kitesurfer and the ocean is his second home. He is also from Valencia, Spain and he brought the sunny mood with him to Sri Lanka, three years ago. No matter what, he always shows up with a big, inviting smile for the people around him. You won‘t have another choice then to feel immediately comfortable with him. Eusebi spreads funny vibes and good karma on the water and everywhere he goes. He can be the funniest person but he is also a very focused instructor. He pulls his full heart in, to keep every student motivated and he pushes his students to the next level.


Hello, I am Ruben, a Spanish guy.  I have been living in Sri Lanka for more than 5 years and I am also a certified IKO instructor.  The very first day I arrived in Sri Lanka, I was amazed and that's why I decided to stay. What I like most about here is the kindness of the local people and their lifestyle too. I am also passionate about nature and kitesurfing, so in Kalpitiya I find almost everything I like to do. In addition to hosting my guests, I organise trips around the island and in my free time, I give English classes to the children in the neighborhood. I also love  moving across the island on a motorcycle in search of places yet to be discovered. 

I am happy to share my local knowledge with my guests to offer them as much astonishment and wonder, like I found here five years ago and still every day. I will introduce you to the Margarita Village staff and I will know in advance who will be taking good care of you.

Nisala & Rasikha

Nisala and Rasikha are two local workers, who are always around and happy to receive any guest inquiry. They like to take really good care of the clients during their stay. Nisala is very enthusiastic about cooking and music. He is our evening chef and performs magic in the kitchen, serving delicious meals that will keep you full and content. All our clients compliment Nisala on his culinary skills, so you will be in for a treat. Rasikha always likes to interact with people from different countries around the world. He loves a laugh and will be happy to help you in any way possible. These two fellas from Kalpitiya hometown will welcome you and ensure you have a lovely holiday in Sri Lanka.


Akka is the best chef in the area and she also helps us a lot in many ways. She cooks the Sri Lankan rice and curry for our guests and you won‘t find a better curry dish like hers in the whole of Sri Lanka, because she uses a traditional and secret family recipe that has remained in her family for decades. So don't miss her curry!


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