Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya: an spot guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, where unspoiled beaches meet perfect wind conditions, creating a paradise for kitesurfers worldwide. In this comprehensive post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about this hidden gem of a destination for kitesurfing lovers.

Discovering Kalpitiya’s Charm: Explore the breathtaking beauty of Kalpitiya, nestled along the northwest coast of Sri Lanka.

Wind and Weather: Unravel the secrets of Kalpitiya’s wind patterns and optimal kitesurfing seasons, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the water.

Kitesurfing Hotspots: Navigate through Kalpitiya’s top kitesurfing spots, from the famous lagoons to the expansive ocean waves, catering to all skill levels.

How to move around: Kalpitiya offers various transportation options, including shuttles,  tuk-tuks and motorbikes rentals.

What to do & Activities: Find out what to do in Kalpitiya apart from kitesurfing.

Amazing tropical vibes, butter-flat water, and the best local smiles, that´s what Kalpitiya kitesurfing is all about!

Kalpitiya is located in the Puttalam District (northwestern province) of Sri Lanka and consists of a peninsula with 14 separate Islands around it. With its wide flat water lagoons, sandy beaches, palm trees, and the presence of strong winds, this destination has earned it a reputation among kitesurfers!

Although the entire Kalpitiya town is getting famous among tourists, the spot which gets the most fame is Kalpitiya beach. Basically, this is on of the best spots in Sri Lanka for whale watching, dolphin watching, and various types of water sports. Furthermore, this beach can be easily accessed by taking a boat from the Kalpitiya lagoon. And once you are on the Kalpitiya beach, you will be welcomed with a long sandy area and tons of trees!
I mean, even if you do not take part in any other activities, just the atmosphere and the vibes of Kalpitiya are enough to make your holiday a great one.
But today, we will take a look at the Kalpitiya from the eyes of a kitesurfer – So, if you are a fellow kitesurfer reading this and want to visit this spot, then you have got to check our ultimate guide to Kalpitiya… From its location to transportation to the best kite spots in Kalpitiya, we will explore it all today!

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Kalpitiya has become in recent years a reference destination in the kitesurfing world. There are many kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka and Kalpitiya is one of the best. The village of Kalpitiya is on the North-west peninsular of Sri Lanka, about 250 km North of Negambo airport. Kalpitiya is a rural town still under development, making it a very quiet and authentic place. So, if you are considering making your kite trip to Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya is the best place.

kalpitiya kitesurfing destination map

Kalpitiya Kitesurfing Seasons

One of the beauties of Kalpitiya is that it remains open for kitesurfing during both the summer & winter seasons! If you look at other potential kite spots, there are not many which offer year-round kitesurfing opportunities.
In Kalpitiya, the summer season consists of May, June, July, August, and September. Basically, you can kitesurf through the whole summer season.
Similarly, the winter kitesurfing season in Kalpitiya starts from mid of December and continues through January, February, and mid of March. Once again, kitesurfing in Kalpitiya starts from the peak winter season and remains in effect till March, when winter ends and the spring season starts.
During both of these seasons, the weather remains dry, warm, and windy, which makes Kalpitiya such a hot spot for kitesurfers.

Kalpitiya Kite Spots

Now that we understand the location and the main kitesurfing seasons in Kalpitiya, let’s move on to the top kiting spots in Kalpitiya:

1. Kalpitiya Lagoon, the place to learn kitesurfing in Kalpitiya

In the entire town of Kapitiya, the Kalpitiya lagoon is the one that attracts the most kitesurfers and is thus also the busiest one. Due to its popularity, you can easily get to this spot by taking a tuk-tuk or any other transportation.
The Kalpitiya lagoon stretches over 2 KM and is around 800m wide (0.8 KM). Furthermore, there are a lot of kitesurfing schools operational in the area since it has become such a popular spot among kitesurfers.
Overall, the water quality and the wind quality in the Kalpitiya remain good and consistent through the 2 major seasons. Furthermore, the water is also flat, which means that you can easily learn to kitesurf or even perform freestyle moves. In general, choppy water can increase the difficulty level, but in Kalpitiya, you don’t have to worry about that!
On average, the wind in Kalpitiya lagoon is around 15 – 25 knots, but you can expect winds to be around 25 knots during the main seasons.

 Most kite schools are in Kalpitiya lagoon, since it is flat and shallow water, making it easy to take first lessons or learn new skills in a safe environment.

2. Vella Island, probably one of the best flat-water kite spots on earth

After the Kalpitiya lagoon, the next popular spot is Vella Island which is just a short boat ride from the Kalpitiya (takes 45 minutes on average).
One of the beauties of Vella Island is that there are only a few fishermen here and a couple of kite schools. This makes Vella Island pretty quiet when compared with the Kalpitiya lagoon.
As for the best time to visit Vella Island, it is usually during the summer months when you get to enjoy butter-flat water in a 2.5 KM radius. This condition of water and wind makes it a great place for the huge downwinders. However, that’s not to say that winter months are not good for Vella Island… You can go kitesurfing during the winter season as well and can enjoy more freedom as trips are less frequent during the winter.

3. Donkey Point, the best spot for wave riding

No, this is not a point where you can find donkeys… I am not sure why this is called the Donkey point but it is also a great kitesurfing spot in the Kalpitiya and is only 300 meters away from the lagoon.
One of the great things about Donkey point is that it offers a mix of flat water and ocean waves for the riders. In addition, the entire area of Donkey area is very safe and open for any type of wind and water sports. And just like the Kalpitiya lagoon, the wind also remains consistent throughout the year.
However, the mixed water conditions (flat water and waves) mean that it is not recommended for beginners. But for intermediate kitesurfers or advanced-level freestyle kitesurfers, the Donkey point offers the best conditions.

the ultimate guide to kitesurf in Kalpitiya

How to get to Kalpitiya from the Airport

If you want to reach Kalpitiya from the Airport in the shortest amount of time, it is best to take a Taxi. However, you could also reach there by taking a bus… As for the tuk-tuk, well the distance is too much.  Coming from the airport to Kalpitiya by tuk-tuk is not a good option as they are very slow and have limited space for luggage. If you’re carrying a board bag with kite equipment, it’s impractical.

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How to move around Kalpitiya

Once you are in Kalpitiya, you will find many options to move around.

Kalpitiya Lagoon is located about 3 km from Kalpitiya village and you can easily get around with the famous tuk-tuk.

Furthermore, many resorts and kite schools in the area also provide transportation options to the kite spots in their packages.

Another affordable option is to rent bikes from the nearby shops or from the resorts where you are staying. Once again, it would depend on the resort if they offer this option for free or not! But even if you have to pay to rent the bike, it would be a lot more affordable than other options!
And last but not least, you can also take a walk around the area to explore the culture and authentic food of this remote spot in Sri Lanka!

As mentioned earlier, Kalpitiya is a collection of more than a dozen Islands, so the best way to move around the islands is to take boat rides that can be organized easily by the resorts.


Activities to do in Kalpitiya

If you ask anyone why Kalpitiya is famous, the first answer will be kitesurfing… But besides that, there are also plenty of other activities to enjoy in Kalpitiya, which makes it the ideal choice for a full family holiday as well!

So without wasting time, let’s look at some of the activities you can enjoy in Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka);

  • Dolphin/Whale Watching– Have you ever watched a dolphin or a whale in real life? If not, then this is your chance to see these magnificent sea creatures. The best time for dolphin and whale watching is from December to April (winter season).
  • Scuba diving– Do you have a thing for scuba diving? Then visit Kalpitiya and enjoy the sights of various sea creatures such as reef sharks, turtles, manta rays, and so on. You can enjoy this activity starting from November till May!
  • Lagoon Trips– What’s better than a boat or a canoe ride on the sea while you get to see different Islands? Yes, you can also book boat rides at a cheap rate and get to enjoy the true spirit of the sea.
  • Jeep Rides– In Kalpitiya, the jeep rides are also an interesting activity that you can’t afford to miss out on! These rides start in the evening so that you can also enjoy the sunset along with stunning views of the beach dunes.

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Interesting Places to visit near Kalpitiya

When you visit Kalpitiya for kitesurfing, then you are not just signing up to enjoy wind sports… Instead, you also get to experience tons of interesting places in Sri Lanka! If you look at history, Sri Lanka has been around for centuries and thus has a rich history and tons of interesting places.

So when you visit Kalpitiya, always take some time out to visit the nearby interesting places in Sri Lanka. We are listing some of the best places you can visit in Sri Lanka and experience the best this Island country has to offer:

* Wipattu national park

The first place on our list is Wipattu national park which is a short distance from Kalpitiya and thus shouldn’t be missed!

As the name implies, this is a national park located in the northwestern part of Sri Lanka and features various bird species along with leopards, elephants, water buffalos, deer, sloth bears, and so on. Besides the wildlife, another distinct feature of the Wipattu national park is its natural lakes which are filled with rainwater.

Out of all the national parks in Sri Lanka, this is the one that is the oldest, largest, and most famous. According to statistics, there’s a 50% chance that you can see an actual leopard, elephant, deer, and other animal!

* Sigiriya

Mount of Remembrance or also known as Sigiriya, is another worthy place to visit in Sri Lanka. In fact, it has been declared a world heritage site due to its historical and cultural significance!

From a distance, it appears as a giant rock rising out of nowhere, but its sheer size makes everything around it look small and tiny!

Although it is a lot of climbing to reach the top, you get to enjoy the amazing sights of the Sigirya fort and tons of nearby sights. In fact, even the fort alone is enough to climb all the way up to the Sigiriya!

Furthermore, Sigirya is also an ancient city where you will find a lot of ruins of an ancient civilization. So if you like to get a slice of history and ancient architecture, then that’s another reason to check out this place.

* Anuradhapura

Experience the wonders of Anuradhapura, an ancient sacred city, on a captivating one-day journey from Kalpitiya. Delve into the rich history and cultural heritage of this UNESCO World Heritage site as you explore its magnificent ruins, including towering dagobas, ancient temples, and sprawling monastic complexes. Marvel at the architectural marvels and intricate stone carvings that offer a glimpse into Sri Lanka’s glorious past. Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of sacred sites such as Sri Maha Bodhiya, believed to be the oldest living tree in recorded history. All within easy reach from Kalpitiya.

the best gudie to kitesurfing in Kalpitiya

Places to stay around Kalpitiya

The most famous kite resorts and schools are located around Kalpitiya lagoon. During the last years, many hotels have been built near the lagoon and the beach, most of them in the fishing villages of Kandakuliya and Kudawa. All villages offer accommodations from luxury resorts to hotels for backpackers.

Kalpitiya recommended restaurants

To this day there are not many restaurants in Kalpitiya and, unfortunately, it is difficult to find good restaurants. There are many local places where you can enjoy typical local food, such as rice with curry or fried rice. Hotels offering more international foods are found in nearby villages of Setthawadiya (10 min walk) and Kudawa (30 min walk), at a slightly higher price.

You can visit any of the recommended restaurants listed below:


>> Kite House Cafe

This is a popular restaurant among the tourists of Kalpitiya and has an overwhelming amount of positive reviews on various platforms. This place offers a variety of cuisines from all over the world, such as Italian, Spanish, European, Mediterranean, international, and Sri Lankan! So whether you are in the mood for something new or local food, you can find it all in the Kite House Cafe.

If we talk about the specialty of Kite House Cafe, that would be their gluten-free options and vegetarian options. So if you are someone who prefers a vegetarian or gluten-free diet, then you can get that too from this place!

>> Dolphin Beach Resort Restaurant

The Dolphin Beach Resort Restaurant has secured a 4.5/5.0 rating based on 100+ ratings which means that it is also popular among tourists.

At the Dolphin Beach Restaurant, you can enjoy Asian, Italian, and Sri Lankan cuisines. In addition, they also offer a lot of varieties of seafood and grilled food! And for those who need gluten-free or vegan options, there’s also plenty to choose from.


>> The BNKR Cafe

The BKNR Cafe is very famous among tourists and for all the right reasons… You can enjoy healthy snacks, coffee pizza, salads, smoothies, and tons of other food options made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients!

But the best part is that it is right next to the beach, so you can enjoy amazing food while watching the waves and experiencing the cool breeze!

 Best kites sizes for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya

The best kite size for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya usually depends on the season… For example, you will need to bring bigger kites (12 meters) if you are visiting Kalpitiya during the winter season. But during the summer season, you can do fine with a 9-meter kite size as well.

In addition, you can enjoy 24 hours of wind during the summer season, but during the winter season, the wind is usually strong during the afternoon.

So the average kite size for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya is 9-12 m, so it would be wise to bring more than 1 kite with you so that you can experiment with different sizes.


Kalpitiya is definitely the best place to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and one of the best destinations in the world for this sport. The village of Kalpitiya is located on the North-west peninsular of Sri Lanka, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, with strong winds during the months from May to October (Summer season) and from December to March (Winter season).

Kalpitiya Lagoon is ideal for beginners and freestyle enthusiasts, as the water is shallow and flat.  A small strip of beach separates the lagoon from the Indian Ocean making Kalpitiya Lagoon the best choice to kite between the waves with endless winds and sublime landscapes, and swiftly sweeping over the lagoon perfecting tricks, or learning new skills in a safe environment of flat, shallow water, taking advantage of both seasons’ excellent wind conditions that Sri Lanka has to offer.

Kalpitiya is a kite surfer’s paradise. You don´t believe it? It is like kiting in a flat water paradise! During Sri Lanka’s kite surfing seasons, the wind does not stop, and neither will you! If you are passionate about adventure, and extreme water sports, looking to gain new experiences whilst embracing the culture and mixing with locals and people from around the world who have the same love of kite surfing as you do, then you will never be disappointed with what Kalpitiya has to offer. Its natural, unspoiled, idyllic environment turns this top surfing spot for kiting enthusiasts into a unique destination worldwide and should definitely be on your list of places to visit and not to be missed! You will love it! The wind, the excitement, the ocean and lagoons, the fun, the whole experience, with Margarita Village Kalpitiya Kite School tending to your every need, ensuring you have the kite surfing holiday you are looking for!

As you can see, Kalpitiya is an overall tourist destination that has a lot more to it than kitesurfing… And even for kitesurfing, it offers the perfect conditions that are hard to find in any other spots. Furthermore, the cultural and historical significance of Sri Lanka offers you plenty of opportunities to explore this amazing country.

And last but not least, you will find that food, accommodation, and all the other stuff in Sri Lanka are really cheap even when compared with other Asian countries! So that’s another plus point for Kalpitiya, and being cheap means that you can also bring your whole family with you to Kalpitiya on a budget!


Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya (eusebi teaching kite)