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Kalpitiya restaurants

yet there are not many restaurants in Kalpitiya, yet we indicate down here what are some of the best places to have a decent local & western food around Kalpitiya!

Here you have a list with the top 10 best restaurants in Kalpitiya!

Top 10 restaurants in Kalpitiya

1 - Hiru resort restaurant

Italian food by chef Nixon. If you come to Kalpitiya you can not miss the menu of this new resort. I

International cuisine

We recommend the Lasagna dish

price: from 1.000 LKR to 3.500 LKR

Location: Kudawa

2 - Windy waves beach restaurant

Located by the beach, this restaurant is managed by local chefs

We recommend the seafood plate and the cheese macarroni

price: from 1.000 LKR to 2.500 LKR

Location: Kudawa

3- Kitehouse

Kite house is for sure the best restaurant in Kalpitiya peninsula. Fusion cuisine with spanish taste. We have marked as 3rd due to the location, around 30-40 min away from Kalpitiya. IF you have time it is worthy to visit them

We recommend the spanish paella and the roasted pork

price: from 1.000 LKR to 2.500 LKR

Location: Kappaladi

4- Subra

If you wanna test thebest chicken burger in Sri Lanka this is the place. Subra restaurant offers the best local food in town.

We recommend the chicken burger

price: from 350 LKR to 650 LKR

Location: Kalpitiya town

5-Elite Bakery

Another local restaurant located in Kalpitiya town in front of the petrol station. Here you will find a huge variety of local food. 

We recommend the cheese kothu

Price: from 350 LKR to 850 LKR

Location: Kalpitiya town

6-Salt Bay

Tusitha is one of the best local chefs in town and he´s got the gigger owen in Kalpitiya to prepare his pizzas.

We recommend the Tuna BBQ

Price: from 1.200 LKR to 1.800 LKR

Location: Kudawa

7-Coco Breeze

This new restaurant offers a very tasty local & international food . Don´d judge it at a first glance as the space is quite limited. 

We recommend the beef steack

Price: from 650 to 1.200 LKR

Location: Setthawadi

8-Tuna Tuna

If you like fish and seafood , this is the best place in town! This restaurant used to be one of the best restaurants in town some years ago and it´s been closed for renovations until very recently. 

We recommend the tuna steack

Price: from 1.200 to 2.000

Location: Kudawa

9-Coco cabana

One of the oldest restaurants in KAlpitiya located by the kitesurfing lagoon. 

We recommend the rice&currry and grilled fish

Price: from 500 to 1.800

Location: Setthawadi

10-Blue whale resort restaurant

This 5 star hotel hosts one restaurant with international food. Located also by the beach you will be able to take dinner by the beatiful swimming pool

Price: from 800 to 1.20

Location: Kudhawa


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