The Ultimate Guide About Kitesurfing Seasons in Sri Lanka

Among the top kitesurfing spots in the world, Sri Lanka is the country where kitesurfing is growing the fastest. Sri Lanka has recently become a top kitesurfing destination due to the excellent wind conditions, where everyone can learn and progress at any level.

If you are planning to kite in Sri Lanka, you are probably wondering what months are the main kitesurfing seasons? Sri Lanka offers constant wind during nine months of the year, with two defined seasons being Summer and Winter.

* Summer Season – May to October 

From May to October it is usually windy every day, 24 hours. The average wind speed is around 18-25 knots, with a North-westerly wind direction and the kite size average is 9-10 metres.


* Winter Season – December to March

From December to March it is usually windy every day during the afternoon. During these months, the wind is lighter and the speed average is around 14-18 knots, coming from the North-east. If you come to kite during the Winter Season, it is best you bring bigger kites, 12-14 metres.

The main and most famous kite spot in Sri Lanka is the lagoon located in Kalpitiya, on a North-west peninsula just 3 hours drive north of Negombo airport.

Would you like more information about the kite seasons in Sri Lanka? Well, below I detail the monthly weather conditions we usually experience over a typical year and hope you find this of interest.


When is the best time to kitesurf in Sri Lanka?

List of the best seasons to kite in Sri Lanka divided by months:

DECEMBER – December is the start month of the Winter Season. The wind normally starts to increase during the middle to end of December, from 20th-25th onwards. During these days the wind is quite unpredictable due to it being the beginning of a new season and some days you can expect rain. However, once the wind starts to remain constant, the rain subsides.

JANUARY – January is one of the best months for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka as it is usually windy every day, from around 11a.m. until 5pm. The wind is about 16-20 knots, blowing from a North-easterly direction and it is very steady, especially in Kalpitiya lagoon. 

FEBRUARY – February is another great kitesurfing month in Sri Lanka. If you arrive at the beginning of February you will have more chances of good wind than at the end of February. Like in January, it is windy almost every day in the afternoon. Although the wind is lighter than in Summer Season, the wind sometimes picks up to 20-25 knots. 

MARCH – March is an unpredictable month. If you wish to kitesurf during the month of March, in Sri Lanka, it is best you organise your kite trip at the very beginning of the month. Depending on the year, it can be windy up to the middle of March, but this is never guaranteed.

APRIL – Sorry, April is not a good month for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. The wind completely stops in April and it is time to wait for the next season.

MAY – May is a very unpredictable month too. Sometimes the wind picks up at the beginning of May, sometimes it picks up at the end of May. What is for sure, is that when there is no wind, be ready for the extreme hot weather and huge rains! However, if you are lucky to be in Sri Lanka once the wind picks up, you can enjoy winds of up to 30-35 knots. 

JUNE – June is a great month to come windsurfing in Sri Lanka as it is windy almost 24hrs, from 18-30 knots and with a North-westerly wind direction, it is advisable you take a 9-10 metres kite.

JULY – July is also a good month for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka with a wind average of 25 knots, normally every day. If you plan a kitesurfing trip to Sri Lanka, take into consideration the dates of the full moon, as full moon effects the wind for up to 4-6 days. The wind could completely stop! Although this does not happen always. Just something you might like to take into consideration.


AUGUST – Like in January, Kalpitiya lagoon is quite busy in August. There is normally very good wind in Sri Lanka, so if you plan a kite trip during this month, you will get good wind. Happy days!

SEPTEMBER – Like in May, unfortunately we cannot predict how the weather is going to be. If you wish to organise your kitesurfing holiday in Sri Lanka during September, it is best you choose dates at the beginning of this month, as the wind is very unpredictable nearing the end of September. We sometimes experience very little, or no wind at all at the beginning of September, so it is best you bring different size kites. The wind can go from 14 to 30 knots.

OCTOBER – October is not the best month for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, however, if you are lucky, you can get good wind at the beginning of the month. Forget to kite at the end of October, as the wind directions start to change and the heavy rain starts to fall! If you still wish to kite anyway in October, bring big kites just in case the wind drops to 14 knots.

NOVEMBER – November is not a good month for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. It rains almost every day and there is no wind at all! 


Downwinds and kite trips in high season 

Come on, let’s get adventurous together! Come to Margarita Village and join our safe downwind trips. You are going to love it!

 We organise many downwind adventures from the most idyllic kitesurfing spots, which we would love to share with you. Riding along the white coastline, having the sun on your back and feeling the force of the wind with your bar. YEAAAH! Here we go!

If you are into downwind riding, we will organise a downwind trip for a group of approximately 6 people, with two kite instructors and one safety boat driving along with us for safety. You will be able to ride along the coast of Puttalam District and end up at the Wilpattu National Park! Sightseeing Sri Lanka from the water? … Can it get any better? The downwind adventures depend on the season and on the wind conditions. Normally, within the kitesurfing seasons, Summer, May until October and Winter, December until March, downwind trips are for practicing your skills only. You only have to let us know that you are keen to do this. We will check the conditions, do the work and prepare it for you. You just need to come along and enjoy the ride!