Did you know that in Cantabria you can find some of the most breath-taking kite spots in Spain? Yes, What you heard it!

A combination of magical wind, a spectacular setting for kiteboarding and the best spanish vibes await you in Cantabria

That´s why we have created this guide with all the kite spots that you need to know for your next kite trip to Cantabria


Kitesurfing in Cantabria



Kiteboarding in Spain is not limited to Tarifa or the Canary Islands. 

If you have practised surfing and live in Europe, the chances are you know  Cantabria. This is a very well located region North of Spain which is undoubtedly a surfers’ Mecca. That is why in the past years, surf camps and surf schools have mushroomed along its coast. 

But as you might guess, when conditions are not good for surfing, Kitesurfers take the scene. On the very same spot. And beyond! 

This is a selection of the best kiteboarding spots in Cantabria. If you are travelling nearby, be sure to take your gear so you can pull it out when conditions are good.

Cantabria’s coast is facing North, so it works with N, NW, W and E winds.

You get thermal winds in the Summertime right before noon time which continue towards the afternoon. 

There are even spots on the coast which you can do with southern winds, such as Playa del Puntal and Pedreña, within the Santander Bay. 

Then, you have the Embalse del Ebro, which is a dam 50 km south from Santander, the capital of Cantabria. This spot works all year round, and you don’t need to share it with swimmers or boats. 


Without further ado, let´s get into our list with the four best kite spots in Cantabria…



The 4 best kite surfing spots in Cantabria, Spain

1.Somo Beach

Long beach which has plenty of room to practice. In the summertime the Kite Surf is limited and cornered to the west side of the beach, where there are no swimmers or surfers (surf is king on this beach). With Western or Northwestern winds, this cornered spot is not ideal because the city of Santander acts as a screen.

From September onward you can enjoy the whole beach. The ideal wind is ENE, and Western winds are only recommended for advanced kite surfers. 

You can enjoy beautiful sights on this spot and it’s 20 minutes from Santander Airport.

where to kite in Cantabria


This spot is flat and works well with south winds as it is sheltered on a broad estuary which flows into a Bay. 

It is just 2 km west from Somo, so you can use the same forecast as with Somo.

It works with all winds but you need to be careful with weak tides as rocks might arise and it can be dangerous. 

Also, there are lots of leisure boats so you need to be careful or choose off season days for this. 


kitesurfing in cantabria



This is the inland spot we talked about in the beginning. It is in the Embalse de Ebro. An hour drive from the coast. 

Here you will find is a kite surfers’ paradise and this particular spot works with southern winds as the shore faces South. There is a kite surfing school, there are no swimmers and it’s the perfect spot for learning and also freestyling. 

cornote kite spot cantabria

4.Cabañas de Virtus

This is right opposite from Corconte on the same dam. You will drive here whenever there are Western or Northern winds. 

Another great spot, where you will find mostly kitesurfers and enjoy the vibe together. 

Year around thermal wind. No swimmers. 


cabañas virtus kite spot cantabria

What to do in Cantabria when there is no wind to kite

Without a doubt, the most exciting activity you can do in Cantabria when there is no wind to kitesurf is surfing. Yes, we know, for us kite lovers who love the wind very much there is nothing like jumping into the water with our kite equipment but let us tell you one thing: Cantabria is also a NUMBER 1 SURFING DESTINATION WORLDWIDE. 

And when we talk about surfing in Cantabria,  our friends from Latas surf camps are probably the champions of the champions. Latas Surf is without a doubt one of the best and most complete surfcamp in Spain. They are located in a unique environment, on the beach of Somo and Loredo, in the heart of Cantabria. Friendly instructors, great accommodations, and the best locations of all. Totally worthy to pay them a visit when there is no wind.

our friends from latas Surfcamps


As long as there is some wind, you can practice kitesurfing pretty much most days of the year In Cantabria. We recommend spring and Autumn as there are no crowds and the weather is kind. 

Kitesurfing in Cantabria is a unique experience for whoever wants to combine this extreme sport with spanish culture and naturalenvieronment.