Welcome to our guide with the 10 top things and activities to do in Sri Lanka! Are you wondering what can you do in Sri Lanka? As a kite school let us tell you that the number ONE activity to perform in Sri Lanka is KITESURFING. The flat and shallow water of Kalpitiya lagoon is perfect if you are thinking about learning kite. However, either you are a crazy kitesurfer or just landed to this site by coincidence, then keep reading anyway , we promise you that you will find in this guide many interesting things to do and places to visit in this wonderful island
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What can I do in Sri Lanka if I am not able to kitesurf?

Do you feel bored and locked down in Kalpitiya when there is no wind? Do you have the feeling that windguru and windfinder are ruining your kitesurfing holidays? Then don´t worry my friend, we have good news for you: Sri Lanka is a green and extremely fertile island of untamed nature, wild for the most part, and with an overwhelming biodiversity. There are many things and activities you can do in Sri Lanka. If you like specially green landscapes and wildlife, then you should mark Sri Lanka as your next destination: Rice fields, palm trees, water buffalo and Buddha statues. Acrobatic fishermen, 2,000-year-old buildings and sacred trees. Emerald green hills carpeted with tea fields, thick jungles that for centuries hid archaeological gems. Wild leopards, bears, whales and elephants. Fragrant gardens of spices and orchids; forests of mahogany, ebony and sandalwood. Welcome to Sri Lanka! A hundred vertiginous waterfalls and waterfalls refreshing mountain forests. Venerable colonial hotels, eco-resorts and boutique hotels, Ayurveda and meditation treatments. Twenty-two parks, reserves and natural sanctuaries; eight places declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ports that have seen Malaysian pirates, Portuguese, Arab, Dutch and British sailors come ashore, endless coconut palm beaches barely exploited …Yet do you think you can get bored in Sri Lanka? This island country took off as a tourist destination in 2010, after the end of the war with the Tamil insurgency in the north of the island. Therefore, in this Tourism Guide in Sri Lanka is not yet assimilated by mass tourism. To the south of India lies a teardrop-shaped island whose contrasts, tropicalism and Buddhist religion have defined a unique microworld. Historical cities, Buddha statues in the middle of a forest, leopards that challenge you with their eyes and dreamy beaches are just some of the scenarios of the 10 essential places to see in Sri Lanka. Once you arrive in Colombo the smell of curry, rickshaws and humidity invades you. That island paradise whose trees evoke a hypnosis, one that drags you to secret places defined by the sea, tea or Buddhism. Sri Lanka is culture, island relaxation but, above all, a mecca for nature lovers to explore through these following 10 essential places to see in Sri Lanka: Without further ado, let’s surf into best things to do in Sri Lanka


1 – Explore the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa by bike Stop guiding and go your own way! The distances in these two cities, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, are ideal so that you can travel them on two wheels. In addition to saving a few rupees (and getting some exercise), you can stop as many times as you like to marvel at spectacular stupas, ancient temples and perfectly preserved Buddhist statues. Don’t forget to bring water with you or, better yet, stop for a “coco-stop” whenever you can, the giant coconuts of Sri Lanka will revive any thirsty cyclist.
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2 – Tour Nuwara Eliya- Ella by train A legacy of British colonization, Sri Lanka has a fabulous train network that runs through much of the tea plantations. Travelling between palm groves, rice fields dotted with white stupas and endless tea plantations listening to the rattle of a train that has changed little or nothing since the mid-19th century is something you will not regret. Buy the first ticket you see, face the door or travel in first, second or third class because you can always enjoy what are considered the most beautiful railway routes in the world. Do it differently and walk down the tracks sharing smiles with the locals who do the same as you.
3 – Climb the Lion Rock or contemplate it from the sacred Pidurangala Climb a few meters for hawkish views of almost the entire island from Sigiriya, known as Lion’s Rock. The madness of an envious prince in the fifth century caused him to make this mountain his palace fortress in the face of the imminent invasion of his brother, who had usurped the throne and expatriated to India. Climbing centuries of history is not cheap, but you can have spectacular views of the Big Rock and everything around it from the neighboring mountain of Pidurangala for a few rupees less. Come on, don’t be lazy and upload both! I guarantee you will not regret it, word of traveller.
4 – Enjoy the wildest nature Sri Lanka’s fauna is one of the richest in the world and you should not stop trying to enjoy it in one of its national parks. Touring the Yala and Minneriya parks aboard a jeep will allow you to see a large number of birds, elephants, water buffalo, leopards and even the curious black bear in freedom. 5 – Sit in front of the majestic Buddha statues to meditate The Buddhism of the Theravada school is the cult practiced by 70% of Sri Lankans for more than two thousand years and I am sure that the fascinating statues of Buddha in Aukana or the complex of four of them in the Gal Vihara in Polonnaruwa will flash more than one. The tranquility of the faces of these Buddhas carved into the rock a few centuries ago provoke an irresistible desire to stop to contemplate them, photograph them and, why not?, Meditate on how lucky you are to be immersed in such a wonderful trip …
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6- Try the star dish, the kothu What they call the Tear of India is not the gastronomic paradise like its neighboring country; However, there are certain dishes that you should not stop savoring when hunger begins to tighten. Although rice & curry is difficult to find once the day has advanced, there will be a kothu roti (or simply kothu) for you just around the corner. This curious Sri Lankan dish is made from chopped roti, that is, some flour tortillas that the cook is responsible for breaking into a thousand pieces with the help of two metal plates that make that sound resonate in the ears of travellers years after your trip. Roti is traditionally accompanied by vegetables, eggs and some meat (usually chicken), although we can already find them even with cheese. And how much is this delicacy worth? For less than a euro you have kothu for a while! And if you have a need for vitamins, be sure to buy as much fruit as you want in one of its markets. Pineapple, papaya, mango … you’ve never tasted such tasty fruit at such great prices. 7 – Open your mouth wide with the Dambulla caves The Dambulla Caves were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991 after more than 2,100 years of history. Going up to the temple by stairs surrounded by monkeys one does not know what to find and when entering the first of the five caves of the complex one cannot do more than remain silent in the face of such beauty. These are completely painted following the shape of the rock and contain more than 160 statues of Buddha, Hindu gods and Sinhalese kings. If you want the experience to be completely religious,  better you visit Dambulla caves early morning or late in the afternoon. Having such a great place for yourself in full silence is something you should try to do when in Sri Lanka.
visiting the Dambulla Caves in Sri Lanka
8 – Delight your sight with the green of the Highlands After days of high temperatures, it is convenient to take a break in the so-called Highlands. In the city of Nuwara Eliya the temperatures are around 14º and that causes the feeling of being in a different country. Its colonial buildings confirm it, it seems that we have moved to old England and time invites us to enjoy a hot cup of one of the best teas in the world, the aromatic Ceylon tea. Visit one of the tea factories (some of them free like the one at Macwoods Labookelie) and fill your eyes with the deep green of endless kilometers of bushes dotted by the Tamil pickers who move their fingers at breakneck speed to collect the best leaves.
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9 –  Relic of the tooth of the Buddha in Kandy Kandy is the island’s cultural capital and home to the Buddha Tooth Temple, which presumably houses a Buddha’s tooth. For Sinhalese it is the holiest place on the island, and for tourists, a place with a pleasant old town, a fairly central lake, a host of museums and beautiful botanical gardens on the outskirts. Whoever needs the blessing of the gods can visit fascinating ancient temples.
10 – Last, but certainly not least,you can rest from all the above in one of the infinite beaches in the south of the country Biking, climbing, festivals … it all sounds exhausting, so the best thing you can do is hang out for a few days on one of the beaches in southern Sri Lanka while you soak up some coconut water through the straw or have a few Lion, the delicious local beer. Tangalle, Mirissa, Unawatuna are some of the names that you have to stay with to enjoy some rays of sun but do not forget to visit the beautiful city of Galle with its colonial buildings, its Dutch fort and the much photographed lighthouse from the 19th century to May you breathe easy, you can now consider yourself another Sri Lankan!
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Yet, if you haven´t decided what is your favouite route, then we invite you to come kitesurfing with us and from here we will help you to decide what activities you can do in Sri Lanka according your preferences! We will help you to planify all the activities from our kite camp