morning sessions

Yoga in Kalpitiya

Did you know that Kalpitiya is probably one the best destinations to do yoga in Sri Lanka?

We welcome you to our morning yoga sessions with our Hatha instructor, Ingrid. 

We do yoga in our kite center, right  in Kalpitiya lagoon every morning before going kitesurfing (around 7 a.m.). Our yoga sessions are under request as Ingrid is not always in Kalpitiya. Contact us if you want to join our yoga sessions in Kalpitiya.

Why is a good idea to do some yoga while a kitesurfing holidays?

Kalpitiya is one of the most peaceful regions of Sri Lanka surrounded by nature, peace and relaxation. It is a region mostly populated by fishermen and some tourists who drop by to enjoy kite


At the first ray of morning sun, Kalpitiya gives us the sounds of the birds and a gentle breeze.

Being able to do yoga in front of the lagoon, outdoors, provides us with a perfect balance and well-being to our body and mind.

Sharing your day to day with animals that live in freedom is a unique experience. Donkeys, cows, dogs, cats, goats, ducks … they all enjoy the freedom that Mother Nature gives us in this region.

 Complementing yoga with kitesurfing is the best way to give our body and mind flexibility, balance and strength.

Early in the morning we prepare the body with simple and adapted asanas for our guests. Our Hatha instructor will adapt the practice every day to keep body and mind in balance.

The best time of the day to do yoga is in the morning before breakfast.

During one hour you will bring to your body and mind well-being and strength which is necessary for your kite classes.

Our yoga sessions take place at our Kite Center right by the lagoon. Whilst we are doing the session, you will enjoy privileged views in front of the lagoon, in the middle of nature and outdoors, accompanied by a soothing morning breeze.

When the wind allows us, after the kite session, we say goodbye to the day with a yoga exercise to stretch and relax muscles.

Practicing Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) revitalises all the muscles of the body and offers a complete stretch. The expansion and contraction of the muscles helps to redirect impure blood to the kidney and lungs. This is the best technique to relax the muscles, prevent injuries and eliminate stiffness of the body.

Feel healthy with our yoga sessions!

Come to Kalpitiya for your best yoga sessions! Here are some of the benefits for your body and mind …

* Improves the skin

Practicing yoga allows us to eliminate toxins through the skin, therefore, this technique is excellent for acquiring a fresh and clear complexion.


* Weight loss

Practicing yoga is an effective tool to lose calories. It is useful for losing abdominal fat and very good for the stomach as it regulates and improves digestion. While we practice, we facilitate proper stretching, torsion and compression throughout the body.


* Improves the immune system

By practicing yoga we increase the heartbeat and put into operation the entire circulatory system. All cells and tissues of the body receive fresh oxygen and nutrients that lead to the well-being and vitality of our body. It helps the lymphatic system to work more efficiently, helping to fight germs, bacteria and diseases of the respiratory system. The lungs are emptied of impure air and the brain receives fresh oxygen, filling it with vitality.


* Relieves tensions and gives inner peace

It is a natural method that, combined with meditation, is ideal to combat accumulated stress.


* Help social relations

It generates positive energy that strengthens the relationship with the social environment.