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(Tropical Chalet)

Margarita Village is a relaxing and creative kitesurfing camp, related to nature and the simple beauty of life. “We welcome you to stay in our little paradise”. We created Margarita Village kitesurfing camp from scratch, developing slowly and sustainably, over the last 5 years. We are not a huge kitesurfing resort, but our place is cosy, where guests instantly become friends whilst eating their first dinner together and we will treat you as though you are part of our family.


Our kitesurfing camp is built day by day with heart and soul. You are NOT going to find any luxury around, but you will find a lot of smiles and happy people. In Margarita Village we have a crazy duck family, a very friendly, disabled rescue dog and a visiting donkey that makes us very happy, transferring very good vibes to everyone. We love them so much and we hope you  will too.

Our kite instructors are highly recommended Check our instructors' profile!, so if you are looking for more luxury accommodation, or more facilities, we can recommend other hotels close by and we will make arrangements to pick you up from your hotel, for your kite lessons, every day!

If you decide to stay with us, we will provide you with quality, clean accommodation, great food and a place which fulfils a traveller’s heart. We are happy to prepare and cook for you fresh vegetables, fish and other delicious meals, together with a refreshing, cold drink to go with your meal.

Whether you come for kitesurfing or simply to discover the beauty of Kalpitiya, at Margarita Village you will have a unique Sri Lankan experience! Since our place is not a huge resort, we are very customer-oriented and we are happy to do everything that makes you happy.


Our Villa

Our Villa offers you a place to calm down, to relax, to be yourself and to recharge your batteries after a long day of kiting, giving you a unique experience in a local style house, in an eco-tropical environment. It has 3 bedrooms, one equipped with a kitchen and a refrigerator, the other 2 are very spacious. So please enjoy the comfort and convenience of this place, a local style house with a lot of charm and unique atmosphere!


Our Tropical chalets

We also provide 5 very charming Tropical Chalets that are very spacious, built out of natural material and being of very good quality. They have wooden furniture and a natural water shower in a private garden to the rear of your very own chalet. 


Returning to Margarita Village, after a long day kiting, you can enjoy bathing in your open forest shower and observe the wonderful biodiversity above your head. Have a cold drink in one of our hammocks, enjoy some reading from one of our books off our bookshelf, or just get together with other travellers in our relaxing bar area and enjoy the company of likewise travellers. 


Margarita Shark Bar

Since water sports and a good appetite go hand in hand, we will serve you freshly cooked evening meals that you can enjoy at your leisure, in subdued lighting in our open-air wooden lounge area. Your healthy and plentiful food portions will not leave you hungry ~ No one goes hungry to bed at our place! So, come and enjoy the best food in our Margarita Shark Bar! We provide local and international food: Sri Lankan Rice & Curry, Grilled Fish, Grilled Chicken, Salads, Pasta, Pizza and not forgetting our infamous Tuna and delicious meat Barbeques!

After your meal, you can take time to just chill! Enjoy sharing your day’s kiting experiences with travellers from other parts of the world. Exchange stories of your travel adventures over a friendly game of cards; or challenge your new found friends at a board game; or simply say good night and get a good night’s rest in the comfort of your private chalet, with nature’s sounds all around you, preparing you for the next exciting day of kitesurfing!


In your room we provide you with a mosquito net, towels, soap and WiFi.


Our staff are here to make your time at Margarita Village, comfortable, enjoyable and most of all memorable, so enjoy, and if there is anything you need, such as motorcycle, vehicle or bicycle hire, tour information for safaris, dolphin or whale watching and many more exciting activities, please ask our staff who will be only too happy to help with all your requirements.



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