Kitesurfing in Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is located on the East coast of the island. It is mainly a surfing spot but in windy days you can have fun among big waves!

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Kitesurfing in Arugam Bay: Wind Conditions & Kite Spots

Hi guys! Arugam Bay is a well-known surfing spot, located on the South-west coast of Sri Lanka, also famous as one of the main surfing destinations in Asia.

There are many surfing spots in Arugam Bay, such as Whisky Point, Peanut Farm, Panama, and many more with excellent waves. Due to the unconsitency of the wind in Arugam Bay it is unfortunatelly not the best kitesurfing destination in Sri Lanka. But wait! If you are a kitesurfing lover wanting to find wind and high waves, Arugam Bay will may be the place for you in a windy day!

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How good is Arugam Bay for kitesurfing? How strong is the wind in Arugam bay? Is it safe?

Well, during Summer months it can be pretty windy in Arugam Bay, especially at the end of July and during the month of August. If you are lucky, you can catch some windy days up to 25 knots, however, the average wind speed in the Summer season is around 14-18 knots.

The wind is not so consistent, as on the West coast, and you will find side offshore winds, even completely offshore winds, depending on the day! Therefore, we do not recommend beginners to kitesurf in Arugam Bay, unless you have a rescue boat ready to help you if you get into trouble.

Consideration of the wind force and size of the waves will be a major factor if a rescue boat will go out onto the ocean. So, if you are not a confident, experienced kite surfer, always make sure a rescue boat is available before considering going kiting in Arugam Bay. There are no kitesurfing schools in Arugam Bay so keep safe!

However, if you are an experienced beginner and you bring your own kitesurfing equipment to Arugam Bay you should have a nice kite session.

Kitesurfing Spots in Arugam Bay

Pasarichenai Beach: This long and wide beach is walking distance from where the main kitesurfing point is located, behind the cape. It has enough space for launching and landing your kite and is not as crowded at Arugam Bay. Here you will be able to kitesurf among some of the best waves in Sri Lanka!

Whisky Point: Is another main kitesurfing point in Sri Lanka. It is located about 15-20 minutes North of Arugam Bay. If you are an experienced, confident kite surfer and enjoy the challenge and thrill of surfing on waves, wait for a strong windy day and you will be able to kite surf off waves up to 2 metres high! Even if you are an experienced rider, we strongly recommend you organise a rescue boat, to be ready in case of any emergency.

Here we show the map of Pottuvil district, where you can see that according to the wind direction, during Summer, Arugam Bay is the worst option for safety for kite surfing. It is safer if you move to the two points mentioned above, or for the ultimate safe destination, we recommend you go to Kalpitiya for the perfect wind conditions and safe place to enjoy a full day of kiting.