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Come to Margarita Kite School Kalpitiya for your best kitesurfing lessons in Sri Lanka!  You will experience the impressive freedom and closeness to nature that kitesurfing provides us, learning every step of the way with our friendly, patient, IKO qualified  instructors. All equipment and transport is taken care of, you have nothing to worry about. All we want you to do is to enjoy this amazing experience, kitesurfing in Kalpitiya with our great team!


You will get the best lessons personally adapted to your level and experience. Our certified IKO kite instructors will take their time and repeat every step with you on the most famous Kalpitiya lagoon, which is a safe environment of shallow water, or in the ocean, until you feel 100% confident with your natural progression. 

We offer you a cabin at Kalpitiya beach, where you can relax, eat some snacks, lunch or replenish your thirst with a cool drink.

Upon completion of your kitesurfing course, you get your IKO Kitesurfing License, the card allowing you to rent equipment not only in Sri Lanka, but worldwide.

To take your first kite ride with Margarita Kitesurfing School will be a moment in life you will never forget and hopefully give you the hunger to continue kitesurfing to higher levels! Your safety, together with learning at your own ability is our main priority. Our goal is to ensure you experience the best time ever whilst kiting with Margarita Kitesurfing School. Come learn with us and feel part of the Margarita Village kitesurfing team ~ You wont regret it! :-)

School Seasons & Kitesurfing Course Programme

School Seasons:

Winter Season: From 20 December to 20 March

Summer Season: From 20 May to 20 October


Course Schedule:

From the 1st to 3rd hour:


  • Intro to the wind and power

  • Set up the kite

  • Safety systems, explanations and simulations

  • First piloting

  • Exploring the edge of the wind window

  • Flying Kite with one hand

  • Launching and landing

  • Walking with the kite on the beach



From 3rd to 6th hour:


  • Body dragging in the water 

  • Body dragging downwind

  • Flying kite in power zone

  • Relaunch the kite from the water

  • Upwind body drag (one handed)

  • Board recovery in deep water

  • Self-rescue and pack down


From 6th to 9th hour:

  • Water start theory

  • Steady pull with the kite

  • Water start in both directions

  • Riding in both directions

  • Gaining speed on the board

  • Controlled stop

  • Right of way rules

  • Upwind riding



Level 3 - IKO  9 Hour Course

Private lessons: 390 Euro/9hr course

Semi-private lessons (2 pax) : 540 Euro/9hr course

Hourly Rate:

Private lessons: 46 Euro/hr

Semi-private lessons: 65 Euro/hr

* All lessons include equipment and transport.

* Please bring your own sun cream, sunglasses and booties.

Kitesurfing Equipment Rental Prices:


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